Example simulation scripts

Example simulation scripts covering a range of topics are included within the "examples" directory created during the code installation (see Installation How To). These scripts are employed in a US Particle Accelerator School course (see Training) using Warp and can be modified using information in the Warp documentation to simulate a wide variety of problems. These scripts are organized in named sub-directories that include:

xy_quad xy-slice simulation of a quadrupole transport

3d_fodo 3D bunched beam simulation of a fodo quadrupole transport

rz_solenoid rz Solenoid transport






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Example scripts below provide illustrations on how Warp can be used. Naming conventions are:


type = xy for transverse xy slice, 3d for 3d, and rz for r-z axisymmetric, etc.

focusing = focusing element type, quad for quadrupole, sol for solenoid, inj for injector, etc.

subfocusing = additional info on focusing type (for example quadrupole can be mag for magnetic or elec for electric).

fieldsolver = type of fieldsolver employed: mg for multigrid, fft for FFT based with capacity matrix

This effort is in progress and we hope to extend it as time permits !