Courses covering various aspects of Warp are offered as part of the US Particle Accelerator School (USPAS). The USPAS is an intensive school that convenes at locations around the country twice a year in a January winter session and a June summer session. University credit can be obtained for the courses. Classes are held in an abbreviated, two-week format. Relevant courses include:

Self-Consistent Simulation of Beam and Plasma Systems

S.M. Lund, J.-L. Vay, and R. Lehe

This graduate-level course covers numerical methods employed within Warp in the context of self-consistent modeling of intense beams and plasmas, and Warp is prominently used in examples. So the course serves, in part, as an introduction to using Warp. It should be offered at the USPAS approximately every two years. After the initial version (2016, 1.5 semester hours), the course will be a three semester hour equivalent course.

Beam Physics with Intense Space Charge

S.M. Lund and J.J. Barnard

This graduate-level course provides extensive information on the physics models in Warp and properties of intense beams. It is not a course on numerical simulations (though versions have covered select simulation topics and the PIC formulation) and emphasis is placed on models and analytic theory. It has been offered at the USPAS approximately every 2 years since 2001, and is a three semester hour equivalent course.